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Recently Raj found out that he was color blind and requested his readers to take the color blindness test on Flixter. When I first scrolled through the quiz questions, I thought it was some kind of fun since I wasn’t able to find numbers in those circles.

After spending considerable amount of time, I finally came up with 6 correct answers out of the 10 questions. The 4 failed ones had single numbers and even if someone showed me where the number was I couldn’t see it!

I still thought that the quiz was some kind of fun and that very few people would have scored 10 out of 10. But I was disappointed to see the average score of 97%!

The next day I sent the quiz to my colleagues and friends; almost all of them scored 100% with a few exceptions. The frustrating thing was that other than scoring 100%, they were competing for setting the fastest time!

More interesting was the way they handled the quiz; they could see the numbers clearly and were searching for the option which had that number. Me on the other hand was checking on the options first and later was trying to find the number in the circle! So this in a way confirmed that I am partially color blind; partial because of the fact that I could answer 6 out of the 10 questions J

Now I am wondering if I was color blind from start or was it caused by the countless hours I spent in front of the PC! Meanwhile you guys go ahead and take the quiz to find out if you are color blind!

If you are on Facebook, you can take the quiz here, otherwise use this public link.

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  • TheAnand Feb 10, 2008 Link

    I was able to figure out the first one…rest were too harsh on my eyes….dint proceed to the checkout since i dint want to let myself knw that i am colorblind!

  • Vasuki Feb 10, 2008 Link

    Haha…even I got 10 out of 10! 😀
    Though I had difficulty in finding single letters (confusions between 5 and 8, 2 and 8) I could guess after a while. Btw, did you find anyone who scored less than you? 😉

  • V V S Kumar Feb 10, 2008 Link

    To embarass you or to frustrate you, i’m iterating the fact that I scored that particular score in around 48 secs. I noticed that the top scorer had scored it in 1 sec which i don’t know how realistically it is possible. Even to scroll n click all the options atleast he should have taken 5 secs, at the rate of 2 clicks every second. Anyway I’m happy that I’m not color blind 🙂

  • Niyaz PK Feb 11, 2008 Link

    Let me check it out.

  • Niyaz PK Feb 11, 2008 Link

    No.. I’m not

  • TheAnand Feb 13, 2008 Link

    It sounds like it’s sleeting, but every time I turn on the outside light & look, nothings happening.

  • DoGooder Feb 15, 2008 Link

    I wish someone would console Raj instead by letting him know that colorblindness is a natural disability with a steady statistical occurrence and has nothing to do with the PC!

  • Shankar Ganesh Feb 15, 2008 Link

    Thank God I got 10 on 10 😀

  • venukb Feb 17, 2008 Link

    “Congrats” to all those who got 10 !! Anand welcome to the exclusive club of color blind people 🙂

    VVS not sure how they did in 1 sec, nevertheless 48 seconds and 10 out of 10 is quite frustrating for me 🙂

    Vasu, yes I found people who scored 1 and I actually called them to wish. Until they received my call, they also thought that it was some kind of fun 🙂

  • Nirmal Feb 18, 2008 Link

    I got 10/10. 🙂
    But I didnt have any strain on my eyes, for me it was easy job.

  • Ginger Mar 3, 2008 Link

    I dated a guy with red-green color blindness in high school. He looked a little like a young Harrison Ford, but it was very disturbing that he couldn’t relate to comments about certain colors.

  • color blindness Aug 5, 2010 Link

    i have color blindness and always getting problem while driving i am always confused between green and red color whenever i stopped at signal so this your test is very interesting to know that person having color blindness or not,thank you for posting this type of article.