Moneycontrol needs to control the number of Ads !

Tech which boasts itself as an end-to-end business and financial portal is a perfect example of showing how you can screw up a web site by putting too many ads.

When you first type in the URL in the browser, you have a full page Ad with the link to “continue to Moneycontrol“. Once you continue, this is what you see: (Click on the image for a bigger picture 🙂 )

I agree that the page is well designed and at first sight, the page layout might actually look cool, but if you inspect the page more deeply, its just filled with ads; There are Google Ads, sponsored ads, flash ads, budget ads etc etc.

If you do manage to find some useful content on the home page and click on it, you are again bombarded with more ads ! I do agree that ads are one of the primary source of revenue for any portal; however too many ads (especially the flash ads) are just a PITA !

Note that I have no complaint on the quality of the content;however the number of ads around this content just creates a kind of optical illusion !!

Now to the important question: Will Moneycontrol do anything about this ? I just checked on their trend using Google Trends and this is how it looks


If that trend continues, I am sure Moneycontrol would be searching for more real estate on the page to insert ads !!

Talking of Ads and Ad layout, even this site has Ads and sometimes I wonder if its a similar kind of pain for readers ! If your answer is yes, please do leave your feedback in the comments section. I will definitely try to reduce the pain 🙂

Meanwhile, if you love this weblog and want to totally get rid of Ads, you can always subscribe to the RSS feeds 😀

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  • TheAnand Feb 21, 2008 Link

    I use icici direct for my trading needs, but use moneycontrol for all my portfolio management needs….auto refresh in a minute…gr8 price tracks and stuff. . .. but unfortunately for them i am ad blind 😉

  • V V S Kumar Feb 22, 2008 Link

    I agree 100% on your observation about The number of ads that it places on its website is too annoying that sometimes you feel using some **** words especially at the time when the markets break circuits 🙁 .

    To conclude, moneycontrol needs to control the ads on its website. 🙂

  • ReviewSaurus Feb 24, 2008 Link

    2-3 ads is not at all a problem. But they can be pain!!!!!! if you put them like money control

  • Venu Feb 28, 2008 Link

    Anand, I agree their Portfolio manager is quite good 🙂 Ad blind ! I guess you are using Adblock 😀

    VVS/Mayank, thanks for agreeing with me.. hope moneycontrol has noticed this post 🙂

  • Ginger Mar 3, 2008 Link

    Wow, that site gives me a headache. Of course, for the right content, I can deal with a ton of ads. It’s only when they start using interstitials and popunders that I get really irritated. I’d rather pay for content than deal with that garbage.

  • Vasuki Mar 4, 2008 Link

    I think having a big ad portion on the top may not be such a good idea (4 ads). Ads occupying too much of space in the sidebar is different, but covering up half of the main screen may annoy the readers. I dont complain, as I generally use reader. And if the money the ads in that position are earning is good, then its worth annoying the readers 😉

  • Flimjo Mar 12, 2008 Link

    Ouch! That page is ridiculous! Does it have a lot of traffic? I guess if it does, our complaints don’t matter. I have never seen so many ads before.

  • Venu Jun 7, 2008 Link

    Apologies for the “quick” reply. Somehow forgot to track this thread 🙂

    Yes its a pain and it happens to be one of the good sites in India providing valuable information. Having a paid portal to get rid of those ads is a good idea

    Yes the ads on the header reminds me of the new hotmail UI. When they introduced the new UI, half the page on my monitor was occupied by a head with a Ad 🙂

    Yes as per the trends, it does show good traffic for the site. And if the traffic increases, I am sure Moneycontrol will go in search for more real estate to put traffic 🙂

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