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In one of my earlier post I covered some of the tools that can be used to copy songs from iPod to PC. Most of the tools available are shareware and there are very few free quality applications.

Sharepod is one such quality application for iPod. It’s a lightweight music management tool for iPod which you can run from within the iPod disk. This circumvents the necessity of having iTunes on every other system for managing your iPod.


Below is the list of Sharepod features which might motivate you to install and use it 🙂

  • Track tag editing
  • Video import support
  • iPod Shuffle supportDrag and drop tracks to Explorer
  • Completely rewritten codebase to safely import files to your iPod
  • Play Count, Last Played Date support
  • Volume Adjustment support
  • Faster loading/sorting time!
  • Built-in Media Player
  • Tag Editor to edit track tags : Title, Artist, Genre, Volume Adjustment, Media Type etc.

SharePod has almost all the features available on iTunes and has the additional ability to backup/copy songs from iPod to PC.

If you know any other such quality free tools for iPod, please feel free to suggest the same in the comments section.

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  • Warhammer Mar 7, 2008 Link

    I back up your thoughts, I have used the program quite long and haven’t had a single problem.

  • Tech Blog Mar 18, 2008 Link

    That looks like a great tool. I need something to do this as I recently had to format my PC and lost my iTunes library files.

  • Tech Blog Mar 19, 2008 Link

    Couldn’t remember the name of this last night so I used ephPod, it did the job great. Still going to have a look at Sharepod now.

  • venukb Mar 23, 2008 Link

    ephPod is also a nice tool, but I guess it was crashing almost every time I opened it up. Not sure if its fixed now..