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eBay Desktop, the free alternative to eBay web portal is a very good application to showcase the power of Adobe AIR. I totally fell in love with the user interface; easy to use and very fast.

One reason I prefer FeedDemon over Google reader is the pace at which I can navigate between the feeds and perform operations on the feeds/news items. Google Reader is fast but its still a long way from matching the speed of a desktop app. Its the exact difference you find even in eBay Desktop compared to its web peer.


I don’t do much of shopping on eBay but definitely use it to track/watch the price of some of the gadgets which are on my wish list ! If you are a serious eBay buyer or seller, eBay Desktop is worth a try !

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  • Alan Lewis Mar 12, 2008 Link

    Awesome! Glad that you like it.

    Alan Lewis
    Product Manager, eBay Desktop

  • Sumesh Mar 12, 2008 Link

    Well, eBay Desktop looks good, and I’m an AIR evangelist, so this should be interesting.

    I wonder whether it works for country specific sites, like ebay.in.

    PS: Place the submit comment button below the text field to enter comment, please. It looks awkward right now.

  • venukb Mar 13, 2008 Link

    Alan, thanks for stopping by 🙂 And thanks for coming out with a really cool app !

    Sumesh, yes it does work with ebay.in and many other countries as well.

    Regarding the submit comment, it works ok on IE and its broken on firefox, the text box which should have been positoned on the right is pushed down 🙂 A new makeover for the site is at works and this issue should be resolved 🙂

  • luz Apr 13, 2008 Link

    This is good for those ebay shopaholics. But in my case i dont think i’ll be needing one.