Windows Vista SP1 released

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Ah.. the day I have been waiting for ! Windows Vista SP1 has been finally released via windows update today !

I upgraded to Vista last year and there were a few issues bugging me including the file copy to external drives, WiFi connectivity, Printer Connectivity etc.

Few of the issues were addressed by patches and few of them were also fixed when I upgraded to the beta release of Vista SP1. With today’s final release of SP1 I am hoping that MS has addressed all the reported issues in Vista.

Vista SP1 details:


You can download the SP1 via Windows update; Note that if you are downloading via Windows Update, you might have to install all the pending updates before the SP1 shows up in the update list. Also as per the official release note, download via Windows update checks for specific driver issues and hence might not show up in the update list.

If SP1 is not showing up in Windows Update list, download it from (440 MB)

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  • Nirmal Mar 20, 2008 Link

    Did you install SP1, I have not tried, my internet connection is not fast enuf to download 440MB.

  • venukb Mar 23, 2008 Link

    Nirmal, Yes I did install via the windows update and the install size varies depending on what updates you have already installed I believe. Try updating via Windows update, it shouldn’t take too much time…