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Online Banking has really caught up in India and you rarely see a bank not providing online access to your bank account. However the quality of user experience varies across banks and the same can be said about the security.

ING Vysya Bank, the Indian arm of ING is one example of a crappy online banking portal. Checkout this exception while trying to access the portal:


StringIndexOutOfBoundsException ! hmm .. My complaint is not much on the stack trace print, but on not encapsulating this message in a meaningful string.

I for one like the way Citibank handles exceptions, you just get a message saying “We are unable to service your request”etc etc.

Which bank in India in your opinion provides the best online user experience and features ? Here is how it stacks up for me

  1.  Citibank
  2. ICICI Bank
  3. HDFC Bank

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  • Raj Mar 24, 2008 Link

    Heh! The screenshot reminded me of my J2EE days. The most dreaded exception was “NullPointerException”, though. I agree that Citibank and ICICI Bank have pretty good websites. I have not been able to login to the HSBC website for the past 1.5 years cos the site doesn;t recognise the code generated by my “security device”!

  • ReviewSaurus Mar 26, 2008 Link

    I’ve just used HDFC till this date and I’m quite happy with the services they are giving. ALthough I dont doubt citibank’s offering too 🙂

  • venukb Mar 27, 2008 Link

    NullPointer..hmm just saw one NPE being thrown in one of our apps :). I agree ICICI has done a lot to improve the security aspect of their portal.. didnt get what you meant by the “security”device..

    mayank.. yes I too have used hdfc. pretty clean, but they seem to be sucking money for every other small service…

  • Raj Mar 27, 2008 Link

    Hmm, the “security device” is a really dumb device that all HSBC customers must use. Read this

  • Jarajesh Mar 27, 2008 Link

    I have used netbanking from ICICI and HDFC no issues as of .The only issue i have faced is while booking tickets in IRCTC the connection will be lost your money deducted but no ticket booked.
    but later in one or two days ur money will be returned to ur account no problem

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