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WordPress 2.5 was released some days back and I upgraded to the same with some minor hiccups. There were high expectations from me and everybody with respect to the Admin user interface.

I for one was totally disappointed when I found out that the menu items in the interface were taking almost 50% on my 15″ widescreen.


Also I found that it was not just me complaining; Many found that the new admin interface was not that user friendly including Dean Robinson who came up with Fluency Admin Theme for WordPress 2.5. The theme moves the main options to a sidebar and the sub-options to the top (screenshot below)

Fluency Admin Theme for WordPress

It just looks so neat and it even simplifies the user navigation. The only limitation of this theme is that it works only with CSS2 compliant browsers i.e. Firefox, Safari and IE8. If support is added for the other browsers, it should definitely qualify to become the official theme for WordPress Admin UI !

Thanks to Raj Gaurav for pointing me to this plugin!

Download Fluency Admin Plugin

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  • OK that black and grey theme, I love it. Like you said neat and tidy but not OTT.

    What theme do you use on the site it reminds me of The Times online?

  • venukb Apr 4, 2008 Link

    MMB: Its a paid theme developed by Chris Pearson of Pearsonified.

  • becky Apr 5, 2008 Link

    I agree that I was not a fan of the menu items taking up so much room. But overall, I like it.

  • V V S Apr 8, 2008 Link

    Venu finally the fluency theme and your media temple grid based hosting has finally made your site open up fast in my browser. I hope it stays as it is.
    Foremost, I liked the theme very well. I hope its worth the expense 🙂

  • venukb Apr 8, 2008 Link

    VVS, Fluency is the admin theme for Wordpress, not the one I’m using.
    Glad that MT has made the site faster.. now I am up for reselling the hosting if required 🙂

  • luz Apr 13, 2008 Link

    Thanks for the post.