Cleaning up your Gmail emails

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I am sure many would be surprised with the title of this post. Gmail for one provides with almost 6.6GB of space and its keeps growing every day. It would be amazingly difficult to fill up this space.

Even on the Gmail’s home page, you would see this marketing statement:

Over 6628.815124 megabytes (and counting) of free storage so 
you'll never need to delete another message.

So why would anyone want to clean up/delete the mails on his/her Gmail account ?

I for one find it annoying to store unwanted mails; Note that I am not talking of spam mails and referring to marketing mails etc which are genuine but unwanted !

These mails just fill up your pages and most importantly show up while I am searching for important mails.

So how to clean up your Gmail ?

Most of the time I ensure that I delete the mails as soon as I see them; however some of them still manage to live in my inbox. This is how I clean up my inbox.

  1. Click on a message which I find “unwanted”
  2. Click on “Filter Messages like these” option (Snapshot shown below)
  3. The above option was introduced to ease the creation of Filter/labels and for some reason the filtered messages pages doesn’t have a “delete” option !
  4. This is where the Gmail keyboard shortcuts come in handy :). Select all the message and press #. The selected messaged are deleted !

So even though there are no menu options to operate on the filtered mails, the keyboard shortcuts still does work !

Do you delete your Gmail acccount emails ?

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  • Ian Lewis Apr 17, 2008 Link

    Just type ‘from:‘ in the search bar at the top and delete them that way. No need to use filters.

  • venukb Apr 17, 2008 Link

    Right Ian, it does the same thing, but there is an additional pain of finding and typing the mail ID.
    You need to hover over the email, wait for the tooltip to pop up with the email id, you might have to copy it if its too long and then paste it with an additional “from:” prefix 🙂

    I just made is sound difficult, but I agree the route you suggested also should work.

    Also I guess “filter messages like these” does more than just filtering mails based on the “from” header. I read that it does process the mailing list mails in a different way and might be helpful over there.

  • luz Apr 27, 2008 Link

    But sometimes if one is piled up of work and due to so much subscription. You cannot help but clogged your own inbox with stuffs.