Screen Capture with Jing

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Jing, a concept project from TechSmith is a handy screen capture utility. It also adds up as a useful screencast utility.

One aim of the Jing project is to simplify the process of screen capture and screencasting and it does fulfill this aim. Jing has one of the simplest UI for taking screenshots.

In SnagIt you need to inform the app before hand whether you intend to capture a Window or a region. Jing automatically adjusts the capture boundary when you hover over the edge of the screen.

You can also highlight sections of the captured image, add text, frames and arrows. The Undo/Redo feature is also quite useful.


The captured image can be:

  1. Saved locally
  2. Copied to a server via FTP
  3. Sent to Flickr
  4. Sent to

Even capturing video is as simple as capturing an image. Checkout one sample screencast I recorded with Jing 🙂

As usual I am again showing off my HTC Touch! I miss iPhone tough 🙁

Only complaint from my side is with respect to the stability of the application. Jing keeps crashing now and then and its also a memory hogger.

Do give Jing a try and if you are still not happy you might want to check this list !

Which screen capture tool do you use ?

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  • paulette May 18, 2008 Link

    Im using the print screen button whenever i wanted to capture what’s my display on screen.

  • Suresh G May 23, 2008 Link

    Create screencast from ur browser without installing any software..
    screencast-o-matic . But this is not a robust and optimized one.Good for creating small screencast.

  • DWiner May 25, 2008 Link

    I still prefer ‘Clipmarks’ which also provides a FF plug in that makes it easy to capture selected images and text from on-the-fly.

  • Venu May 31, 2008 Link

    Print Screen is definitely enough for basic screen capture needs.

    Thanks for the tip, will definitely try out screencast-o-matic .

    A FF extension is definitely prompting me to try out Clipmarks. Thanks for the tip.