Xobni is now publicly available

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Xobni is an excellent add-on for Microsoft Outlook and has definitely simplified email management for me. Even Bill Gates fell in love with this application and referred it as the next generation of social networking.

(Microsoft did try to acquire Xobni and it failed due to various reasons)

Xobni was initially invite only and today they have made it publicly available to everybody. If you use Outlook and manage a lot of mail, Xobni is a must have.

The following video highlights the unique features in Xobni

I have been using it for quite some weeks now and it has negligible effect on Outlook’s performance. Try Xobni !

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  • Suresh G May 17, 2008 Link

    Yeah..no doubt its a wonderful tool …but its take some time to load my outlook with Xobni enabled.

  • Venu May 17, 2008 Link

    I haven’t seen much difference, probably because I don’t restart Outlook that often.
    However I guess its worth the delay it causes on the Outlook loading 🙂