YouTube Indian Edition

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As many of you know, the Indian Edition of YouTube is now live @

Till now there were a lot of YouTube clones which catered to the local video content and some of them even got considerable funding from VC’s

I am not sure if this edition of YouTube is going to pickup in a big way, but the below snapshot of the videos section might say otherwise !

youtube india

The above is just a partial snapshot; in fact the entire page is filled up similar kind of steamy videos !

If this is the kind of videos we would see on Indian Version of YouTube, there is no doubt that it will be “hugely popular” !

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  • Suresh G May 17, 2008 Link

    :-)) Yeah…the increasing porn content is now a major concern to the Youtube…and ironically it gets into the top list of the search most of the times.

  • Rishi Jun 3, 2008 Link

    Post a message in the forum if you’d like more detail on how to do either.