Bangalore International Airport Site is down !

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The new Bangalore International airport started operating from today and seems to have already handled around 341 flights.

I tried to check on the official website to know more about the launch day only to find the website down ! I tried accessing the site contents via Google cache; even that seemed to lead to pages with errors.

Update – is now redirecting to The site is half baked and is hosted on Bharti in Karnataka, India.

bial bandwidth

The site was well designed and optimized for search engine queries. However looks like the IT team overlooked the bandwidth requirements and visitors seeking information have to end up seeing the above screen !

The web server seems to be in Texas and hosted by Internet Services Inc.

bia server status

The site should hopefully be online soon and till then, check my earlier post on BIA.

Instead of putting more data in that post, I linked to the official BIA site and I kind of regret that decision now 🙂

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  • vaibhav Jun 10, 2008 Link

    This is interesting to see!

  • luz Jun 15, 2008 Link

    Does it mean that the management of bangalore international airport might have overlooked its website?