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Web Analytic tools are must have for anybody running a website since they give interesting insight into your site’s traffic patterns.

Woopra Web Analytics was mentioned/reviewed by so many sites that I had to give it a try.

After signing up for Woopra, I immediately proceeded towards the downloads page. I installed the Desktop Client (for which I had to upgrade the JRE on my system to 1.6) and also installed the WordPress Plug-in.


Only after installing the WP Plugin did I realize that I had to have an “Invitation Code” to use Woopra !

Without an code you need to wait till Woopra inspects and approves your site !

I don’t understand as to why Woopra lets users download the software even before the user has added a site and has a valid Website ID

I let out my frustration on Twitter and looks like someone at Woopra has been tracking tweets on their application. My site was immediately approved ! (It might have been just coincidence as well 🙂 )

Woopra Client

Woopra Client application has been written in Java and does make extensive use of the Image4J library to render the pretty looking UI.

Woopra Analytics

The combination of Blue, Green, Yellow and White colors on the UI does manage to create an optical illusion !

Not sure as to what prompted the Woopra team to use this as the default color scheme. The other color schemes included in the UI are also of not much help.

What I liked ?

  • Live traffic view including the Geographical view. It lets users see the active users and the number of pages they visited on your site.
  • Starting a conversation with the “online” visitor (Some visitors might find this annoying 🙂 )
  • Visitor Tagging
  • Geo Overlay on the Analytics Tab
    Geo overlay

What I did not like ?

  • The need to install the client software on every other system
  • The UI Color Scheme
  • The Dashboard view
  • A scrolling bar status bar which is so annoying and yes there is no option to disable it or pause it !

Also the visitor count data displayed by Woopra was only 75% of what I saw on Google Analytics or Mint. Not sure on the kind of visitors being dropped by Woopra !

Till Woopra fixes the above issues and improves the UI of the client I would recommend anyone to try out Mint Web Analytics.

I am a big fan of this app for a number of reasons including

  • Ability to view the Analytics data on a Single page
  • Live Traffic Data
  • Best looking user interface
  • Filtering/Analysis of data by third party Pepper’s
  • Ability to host on your own server

Have you tried Woopra ? What is your view on Woopra ?

What analytics software do you use to track your site visitors?

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  • luz Jun 21, 2008 Link

    I think you blog too little as it is.

  • Athena Jul 13, 2008 Link

    It seems woopra is nice:) I’ll try downloading it later.

  • Armen Shirvanian Jan 13, 2009 Link

    I am thinking that I will give Woopra a try at some time, because it looks too good to not take a look at. Also, the detail of statistics is something that might produce relevant information that can benefit the user experience through changes.

  • japps Sep 15, 2009 Link

    I tried to download the client and the wordpress plugin. But when I about to configure the analytics, it needs an activation code (API) for you to use it which not available at this moment. They will just send you an invitation without any assurance when. Anway, I just applied and waiting for the approval. I can’t wait how this woopra stats really work. it is look as tough as it is.