FeedDemon syncs with Google Reader


Two weeks back I upgraded FeedDemon to the latest beta that was available then only to realize that my subscriptions were no longer in sync – I use FeedDemon from home and work

Reading more into the release notes and a little bit of Googling made me  realize that FeedDemon had discontinued its NewsGator online synchronization and had replaced it with Google Reader backend.

I have never been a fan of Google Reader (I know many are) and I have written about it in the past as well. For me FeedDemon has always been the ideal client to quickly go over thousands of feed items that I get everyday.

With FeedDemon now working with Google Reader, I now have the ability to access the same subscriptions when I am not at home or work; and for those die hard Google Reader fans, they now have the ability to use FeedDemon without complaints 🙂

Note: With FeedDemon 3.0 you can even subscribe to your Twitter public timeline and response feeds !