BlackBerry Bold 9700

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In my earlier review of HTC Touch, I had hoped that the phone would last for couple of years; it did last for more than couple of years – 2.5 years to be exact and got replaced by a much superior, nicer, faster Blackberry Bold 9700

HTC Touch was a nice phone but not a useful device. The messaging capabilities were very limited partly because of the touch interface and partly because of the almost useless OS – Windows Mobile. The processor was too slow to run applications and it was a pain to watch the device load the applications.

I have been using the Blackberry for almost a week now and it has been an amazing experience till now !

  • The messaging capabilities in Blackberry is something that can’t be even experienced on an iPhone. I could quickly configure all my E-Mail accounts via the Blackberry Internet service and now new E-Mails are pushed to the device as and when they land on the server
  • The physical keyboard is a pleasure to use when compared to the touchscreen keyboard.
  • Blackberry Messenger is an excellent tool to chat with your other Blackberry friends.
  • Facebook App is developed by RIM and does integrate nicely into Blackberry. You can even link Facebook contacts into Blackberry contacts which in turn pulls information like phone number, photo etc from Facebook onto the device address book.
  • There are quite a few useful applications which can be downloaded from Blackberry App World (like iPhone App Store) . There are few others which can be downloaded OTA.
  • I love keyboard shortcuts and Blackberry has taken care to incorporate the same in most of the applications – Messaging, Browser, Home Screen etc.

The only problem I had was with respect to the boot time. Every time I uninstall an application, you have to reboot the device and this is something which does take a lot of time.

I don’t intend to write an exhaustive review of the device hardware and capabilities. In case you are interested to know more about this phone, do read the reviews done by Phone Arena and Crackberry.

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  • TheAnand Jan 1, 2010 Link

    Mine did not last as long as yours….my HTC S710 got RIP since last week…now looking for a suitable replacement. do u know a suitable place to start looking?

  • Venu Jan 1, 2010 Link

    I have used Windows mobile , used iPhone for a month and now using Blackberry for a week now.

    If you would like messaging capabilities and can sacrifice a few jazzy apps, you should go for a blackberry.

    Just check out some of the flash videos which take you through their OS and features. Its nice 🙂

  • leahh Feb 20, 2010 Link

    Just want help on finding out how to get facebook messenger for my bold 9700

  • Diana Mar 6, 2010 Link

    It’s the best phone ever. Everything aboout it is amazing. It stores so much information and it has many features available and not to mention everything i need is much more easier to find. I used to have a blackberry pearl but it’s nothing compared to my blackberry bold 9700