Screen Capture on Blackberry

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Screen capture utilities are required when you want to flaunt your Blackberry Home screen or when you want to accompany them along with a support query.

On support forums, query with an attached screenshot helps in quicker resolution of the issue.

Blackberry does not bundle any native application for screen capture and users have to rely on third party applications to take screenshots.Here again, we have wired and wireless(preferred) ways of capturing the screen.

If  you want to use wired way, you can try Blackberry JavaLoader or BBScreensho0ter. These are applications running on your desktop which capture the device screenshot !

Wireless way is preferred way of taking screen shots and for this, you need an application installed on the device.There are 2 popular applications out there

  1. CaptureIT
  2. ZonaSnap

ZonaSnap is a much better tool compared to CaptureIT and has options to send the image as an E-mail attachment or even publish it to Photobucket (wish Flickr was supported ! )

You can set a convenience key for the application which makes it easier to capture the screenshot !

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