MMS Configuration on Blackberry

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Configuring MMS on my old HTC Touch phone was a pain. In fact  configuring MMS on any device is a pain and is probably one of the reasons the service is not as popular as SMS.

The carrier (Airtel) did not have a way of pushing the settings to the device and the manual configuration that they were suggesting did not match the UI elements that I was seeing on the phone !

I did finally manage to configure MMS on HTC and did write a detailed post on the same.

MMS configuration on the Blackberry on the other hand was a breeze. A service book was pushed by the carrier which has the MMS settings

I was also asked to send a test MMS to myself to activate the feature (wonder why I had to do this).

A soft reset was also recommended after which the MMS feature started working.

If you are having trouble enabling MMS on Blackberry:

  1. Ensure that the MMS Service book is present
  2. Ensure that the service is activated as well (Activation methods are carrier specific)
  3. Ensure that you send a test MMS to yourself.

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  • Jayanth Jul 27, 2010 Link

    Hello.. I am using Airtel prepaid service on Blackberry..

    i activated my mms settings..
    but the customer care is not able to help me.. kindly tell me how to send the test mms

    and also i received one mms with a link o visit… but when i visit its not able to retrieve..

    any suggestions, boos

  • Venu Jul 27, 2010 Link

    Are you referring to MMS on Blackberry?

    If yes, just follow what I have mentioned the post
    1. Ensure that the MMS service book is present
    2. If its not present, and its pushed later by the carrier, ensure that you reboot the device
    3. Compose and send a test SMS to yourselves first

  • bill Mar 9, 2011 Link

    hi…tryin to input the info on my blackberry but how do i do it ?…when i highlight the section i ned to edit i get nowhere…stuck on how to actually change the settings needed !

    thanks !