How To: Fix Internet Explorer Freeze


Internet Explorer 7/8 has a nagging problem of freezing when its started. The tab opens up with the text “Connecting” and remains at the same state for an infinite amount of time.

The culprit seems to be the Windows Live Sign-in Helper add-on and disabling this add-on fixes this freeze issue.

To disable the add-on

  1. Start Internet Explorer with all plugins disabled. In the Windows Run, type iexplore -extoff
  2. Go to Tools –> Internet Options –> Programs –> Manage Add-Ons
  3. Within Toolbars and Extensions, search for Windows Live Sign-in Helper add-on (should be under Microsoft Corporation) 
  4. Disable the Add-on and restart the browser.

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  • TheAnand Sep 10, 2010 Link

    I always thought internet explorer was the fastest browser in terms of starting up . . .and this tip just made it faster!

    • Venu Sep 12, 2010 Link

      For me chrome is faster than IE 🙂
      Firefox stands last in the list (after opera/safari)

  • Rashed Jan 25, 2011 Link

    Mr. Anand – you have got to be kidding me. To me Chrome is the fastest startup browser.

  • Harry Hilders Aug 3, 2011 Link

    Thanks for the good How-To